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Our brands

  • Le monde est STOF
  • Maître en harmonie
  • Révélateur
    de beauté intérieure
  • Chic & Pop



The founder

Claude Pelardy

It’s been almost 30 years that we do all we can togive the best image to our products.The respect of our customers, the quality of our fabrics,
and our extended range are the key factors to our worldwide success.

Board members

Bertille Pelardy
Directrice Générale

Cédric Dupuy
Directeur Général

Michel Viscio
Directeur Export

Laure Guillot
Directrice du
Bureau de style

Pierre Orelu
Directeur de production

Simone Fayolle
Directrice adminsitratif
et financier

Magali Gaslain
Directrice commerciale STOF

Xavier Daniel
Directeur Commercial Lovely Casa

The story of a family owned company


STOF is the story of a family owned company which started its home deco fabrics in a 20m² room in 1987.30 years later, the small company reached an international scale, spreading its products to 70 countries,and producing 3 million meters of fabrics per year.Thanks to the use of the latest technologies and a strong capacity to innovate to meet the market’s needs,the company created by Claude Pelardy became a major participant in the textile industry.Today, STOF is a company ackwnoledge worldwide for the quality and originality of its products. It distributes its range through 4 brands : STOF France, Laura Lancelle Paris, Lovely Casa and the newest, Valdrôme France.Sourrounded by professionals and passionate colleagues, STOF wishes, one more time, to reach all expectations by suggesting a spring-summer collection which will satisfy any public and will meet the continuous evolving market demand.Find us on french and international trade shows to discover our product line !